If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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      Reclaimed Wood

      Our Barn Wood Creations

      How We Dry The Wood

      Reclaimed wood is an absolutely beautiful end-product of a long process of hand selected wood collected from old barns and other structures with purpose, some built up to 100 years ago! That requires us to take the proper steps to ensure stabilized moisture content within the wood, as well as to eliminate any type of pest infestation that could have occurred over the years.

      The kiln dying process is so important because it is the only surefire way to sanitize and remove all potential health and physical hazards from the wood. After removing the nails and other foreign objects and cutting the boards to a consistent thickness, boards are stacked evenly through a kiln so that each individual piece can be heated through entirely. The blowers inside the kiln help to circulate the hot air.

      To kill the pests, all boards must be heated to at least 140 degrees. As it gets hotter inside the kiln, the moisture content drops. We monitor this with a special meter and when it gets to the desired moisture content level, it’s finished in the kiln. This process is time consuming, considering the very limited amount of space inside a kiln..

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